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Just call me Dr. Whatever-my-name-is

I hail from New Zealand, the exotic locale of Northland. In a different life I attended the psychology and computer science departments at the University of Auckland, worked at Talgentra, and did a year of landscaping labouring. I got an ORS scholarship from the UK government, which payed the difference between international and UK fees, and a scholarship from the School of Computer Science, and support from the CoSy and CogX projects. My supervisors were the distinguished Dr Jeremy Wyatt and the distinguishing Rustam Stolkin

I’m married to the wonderful Esra, who comes from the equivalently exotic Izmir. I am now in Istanbul, which is where Delfina, my really weird but also adequately lovely child dragged us bodily to get raised.

I am now working lecturing and tutoring at Istanbul Technical University, having preciously lectured at Istanbul Bilgi University and worked as a postdoctoral researcher on a one year project at Sabancı University.

I’m into theatre, literature, cogitating, reading, debating, my family, football, running around like a dork, environmentalism, some things I forgot, cogitating some more, and if it won’t lose too much blood I’ll try it.