Python interface to CCalc

As a part of my work I have created and am using a Python interface to CCalc, an interpreter for a portion of the C+ action language. The Python interface communicates with the program via pexpect. It may be of use to someone.

The latest version is here:

If you use it in academic work, please cite the following work:

Duff, D.J., Erdem, E., Patoğlu, V. (2013). Integration of 3D Object Recognition and Planning for Robotic Manipulation: A Preliminary Report. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Robotics Workshop at ICLP 2013, Istanbul, Turkey. Available at

1999, revision 2

Adam woke and heard himself speaking
In a language he didn’t know
Would’ve spoken was he not weeping
Paralysed at the keyhole
And the keyhole was beeping
And the candle flickering low

You wandered in an empty world
Cross and clover and thistle
Just mush and blood and bone
And still you think you’re sleeping
Flesh and bone and gristle
The earth beneath is creaking
I thought I knew a little
As I walked the world alone

Adam wore dark glasses
He always shaved his face
He was flesh and bone and gristle
And they say
The shadows say
That Hell is a fearful place

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